Sleep With Fishes in Underwater Hotel - The Manta Resort

Elevated and crafted along an idyllic island beach, The Manta Resort offers privacy, romance, adventure, and water sports on East Africa's finest island sanctuary. By day, tropical fish and other sea organisms float and swim by the window. At night, lights illuminate the water outside the windows, attracting squids and other otherwise shy sea creatures. The whole thing is anchored about 250m from the coast.

Manta Resort - underwater hotel

Resting on a magical beach, The Manta Resort is a great place for those searching an authentic Pemba experience. Very kind local staff trying their best, comfortable rooms and facilities, very engaged owners particularly to be applauded for their efforts to include, train and support the local community. The all in package including a daily spa treatment are of excellent value. Last dinner on the beach magical. The atmosphere is relaxed, a wonderful place to rest and to return. (TripAdvisor review)

Relaxing in ocean at Manta Resort

The creator of the floating room, Mikael Genberg, first created an underwater hotel room in Sweden called Utter Inn (Otter Inn). The single room floats in the middle of Lake Malaren and, like at the Pemba Island room, gives occupants an enchanting underwater view of the lake's fishes from its under-water bedroom.

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