Panjin red beach - China

The Red Beach is located in the Liaohe River Delta, about 30 kilometer southwest of Panjin City in China. The beach gets its name from its appearance, which is caused by a type of sea weed that flourishes in the saline-alkali soil. It starts growing during April and May, then stays green during the summer, but starts turning vividly red in autumn.

Boat anchored in Panjin

The Red Beach is located in the biggest wetland and reed marsh in the world, and actually hosts the most completed ecosystem that can be found: the area has become home to more than 260 kinds of birds and 399 kinds of wild animals. You can find the endangered Crown Cranes and Black Beaked Gulls there, which is why the area is even called "home of the cranes".

Birds on Red Beach Panjin

In order to keep the whole ecosystem safe, the area was granted state-level protection back in 1988. Even though most of the Red Beach is closed to the public, there still is a small section that's open for tourists. We can assure you that the photos below are not an example of infrared photography, it's just one of those places that are hard to believe really exist!

Red Beach Panjin

You of course will have hundreds of snap shots of the red carpet that is rolled out for miles across the opening of the lake. You will also get the chance to click the different birds dancing across the waters or diving in for a quick snack. Most birds you will capture are gulls of different types but you can also get glimpses of birds such as the red-crowned crane which is a protected bird. There will be moments to capture that are not available anywhere else in the world. Not only because of the unique red sea weed, it is the combination of landscape and wildlife uniqueness.

Birds on Red Beach

The Red Beach is a great thing to see in this lifetime and a memory you are not about to forget. Panjin China should most definitely be among the bucket list of travel destinations. There seem to be so many amazing things to see in the world make sure the Red Beach is one of them. Enjoy the vibrant color that is laid across the beach and the water, while the birds swoop down for a treat, and the seals sunbathe, the giant turtles are definitely going to catch your attention and watching the sun set on these beautiful sites will make it all worth it in the end.